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              Our company successfully passed the Alibaba VERIFIED SUPPLIER Certification

              From December 14th to December 18th, 2020, TUV Rheinland certification expert team which was authorized by Alibaba ,visited FAMIDOC, and conducted a 360-degree panoramic field recording of our company’s office environment, staff size, factory facilities, equipment, etc. , And conduct a comprehensive evaluation and verification of our company's corporate capabilities (such as trademarks and patents, corporate honors, management systems, production capabilities, industry qualifications, patent &certificates, product information, quality control capabilities, etc.).

              Verified supplier project is a comprehensive promotion service launched by Alibaba based on buyers' purchasing habits, aiming to help companies quickly win the trust of buyers and promote transactions. The service is evaluated and certified by the international third-party authoritative certification body (TUV Rheinland) for the company's key information, including the company's capability evaluation report, main product certification and factory inspection videos.

              FAMIDOC general manager, Mr. Cao said that through Alibaba ’s verified supplier project, the company’s mental outlook and development and manufacturing capabilities will be displayed to customers at home and abroad through all-round and multiple channels, which will greatly promote FAMIDOC brand and product exposure and realize the corporate philosophy of "Care for your family in a comprehensive way" and company vision of "providing more convenient, more reliable and affordable home health care equipment available to more families around the world".

              Welcome to click on the website below to know more :https://famidoc.en.alibaba.com/company_profile.html?spm=a2700.shop_index.88.36.1fbe5803heXK2S