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              FDIR-V4 was named FDIR-V4 was named "Best Thermometer for Travel " by CNN

              Good news! According to a CNN news report on March 17, 2021, the infrared ear/forehead thermometer (mode:FDIR-V4) manufactured by Famidoc Technology Co., Ltd., with independent intellectual property rights and multiple patented technologies, was awarded the "Best Travel Thermometer of 2021".These are the results of CNN's review of 15 top selling and rated thermometers online and offline in the United States, and the selection of 11 indicators from three aspects, such as performance, structure and warranty.

              Famidoc Technology Co., Ltd.has been focusing on the development, manufacture and sale of thermometers for 20 years. Its many infrared thermometers have become the world's hot selling products. It has been widely welcomed and highly recognized by buyers (government buyers, chain pharmacies, baby products stores, large supermarkets, medical equipment agents and brands) all over the world.


              Looking to get out of town but want to ensure that a thermometer is packed? If so, the Elepho eTherm Infrared Ear & Forehead Thermometer is the top choice. With lots of functionality and a slim design, this thermometer can easily slide into a toiletry bag or purse.

              We found the thermometer incredibly easy to move across the forehead, and it felt better than some of the other forehead thermometers that go against your skin, some of which felt a little too rigid and hard. When we tested against a 4-year-olds forehead, he concurred that this one was smooth and in fact actually felt nice. He even asked for his temperature to be taken with the Elepho eTherm over and over again, just for fun.

              This thermometer can also be used in the ear canal, and was only one of three thermometers we tested that offers both forehead and ear canal reading. Of those, the Elepho eTherm gave us significantly better readings than the other two. With the forehead readings, we received consistent and accurate results ranging between 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit and 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit which is right within normal range for the forehead. Its also similar to what we received with our top pick overall. Our ear canal readings were also within normal range, but also slightly lower: between 98 degrees Fahrenheit and 98.24 degrees Fahrenheit.

              Theres a large LED display, which can be seen in the dark, and instead of a color-coded backlight, youre notified of a fever via a beep. One beep indicates a normal temperature, two beeps if slightly elevated and four beeps if youre showing a fever. We preferred the color-coded system featured on the Braun over beeps especially if you have a sleeping child but the beeps were also effective.

              One component we really liked about this thermometer is that it automatically shuts off after eight seconds. This will save your battery, which is important if youre using the thermometer on the go. It also passed our durability test with flying colors, with no breakage when dropped against our hardware floor.

              With its slim and durable design, this thermometer is the perfect choice to throw in your bag on your next trip especially since you dont have to worry about probe covers, the batteries draining or it breaking.