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              建議零售價: 元


              Infants’ skins are very delicate and sensitive to temperature. Their immunity are also very low, because of that they are very susceptible to catch a cold or flu. According to scientific research, the water temperature should be between 97.7°F(36.5 °C) to 100.4°F(38.0 °C) for infants. When water temperature is above 102.2°F(39.0 °C), it may burn and scald the baby; if water temperature is below 89.6°F(32.0 °C) (when ambient temperature is below 78.8°F(26.0°C) ), the baby may feel cold and get sick.  Parents must be cautious about water temperature as well as environment conditions when bathing their infants in order to keep them safe and healthy.

              Regarding advantages of this device, apart from some conventional ones which can easily found in the market, we have many unique features as follows:
              - High temperature and low temperature alert.
              - IPX27 waterproof for the whole unit.
              - Interesting and funny multiple cartoon design satisfies babies' novelty.
              - Replaceable battery helps to prolong lifespan of the product.