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              建議零售價: 元


              To fight lice and eggs in children’s when infested hair is a real headache. The treatment rituals and traditional eradicators are overall effective but very constraining for the child, moreover it is scientifically proven that no treatment can exterminate the nits.

              Today, Famidoc Technology innovates special Anti lice comb the FDCO-V7.

              The teeth of the FDCO-V7 are made up of a helical Micro-toothed tubular structure with a curved head. This innovation offers100% effectiveness more adapted to the eradication of the eggs. Indeed, thanks to its innovating shape the eggs are separated, torn and simultaneously evacuated out of the hair during the
              combing in a natural way while protecting the scalp.

              The FDCO-V7 is an effective alternative to creams, sometimes harmful shampoos and other medicinal treatments for the child after continuous use . Completely painless, inoffensive and without danger even for young infants.

              DIRECTIONS FOR USE

              The FDCO-V7 is used on dry or wet hair, before or after shampooing .